Walking in Circles (Revised) – single

Will Beavis

Written, produced & performed by Will Beavis (2022)

An energetic jazz-fusion track, mixing electronics with acoustic instruments. I originally released this track back in 2017. This revised edition has an all new drum track, improved mix and extended arrangement. Also available minus drums!

Light It Up (2019) – album

Kris Barras Band

I played drums on the whole album.

The Divine And Dirty (2018) – album

Kris Barras Band

I played drums on the whole album.

Irieprofen (2017) – album

Never Underestimate Musical Belief (N.U.M.B.)

I played drums on every track except for “Landslide” (which is programmed). I also played bass guitar on: “Irie”, “Can’t Do It Without You” & “Taste of Sweet”, plus percussion on: “Taste of Sweet”.

Seize the Day – single

Will Beavis

Featuring Jodie Licinio on vocals, written & produced by Will Beavis (2016)

An energetic, motivational song with a female lead, pumping bass lines, slamming drums and catchy riffs.

Lucky 13 (2016) – album

Kris Barras Band

I played drums on the whole album.

Lookin’ Ahead (2015) – single

Will Beavis

A catchy trumpet & sax led jazz tune. Featuring Dick Hanson (trumpet), Ray Beavis (sax), Dave Sanderson (piano) & Will Beavis (drums & bass). Written & produced by Will Beavis.

So Much Hair (2015) – single

Will Beavis

A high energy, instrumental, prog’ rock track. Also available as a play-along for guitar, bass or drums.
Kris Barras (guitar), Stuart Clayton (bass), Will Beavis (drums), mixed & mastered by John Meaney, written & produced by Will Beavis.

– – ->Download the play-along charts for So Much Hair: DRUMS.pdf  /  BASS.pdf  /  GUITAR.pdf

Dad’s Song (2015) – single

Ray Beavis

I played drums, bass and some of the keyboard parts on this single. I also arranged, recorded and produced the track. Sax by Ray Beavis, Piano & Hammond by Paul Smail, Mixed & Mastered by John Meaney.

Moon Under Clouds (2003) – album

Paul Smail

I played drums on the following tracks only: Recharge, Handle With Care, Moon Under Clouds, Diane’s Song, Flat Five, Con Moto, Ice Green & Music Box.